you had me at crabs

That probably got your attention.

But really, I’d like to talk about these crabs here.  I was perusing Etsy the other night, looking for wall art for our guest room and stumbled upon Beach House Gallery.  And then I wondered just how much of a balance I have in my Paypal account, because it’s about to take a hit.

I’ve attempted watercolor.  Attempted abstract paintings.  And have come to the conclusion that I just don’t have the time or the patience to create something as brilliant as these.  So I’ll leave the art to the experts.  Because really, these are just stunning.

il_fullxfull-495351701_alhg il_fullxfull-495389632_lmw1birds  //  fish

And these sea fans?  The detail, the color… I’m already picturing them in our sunroom.  Once it’s finally finished.  I don’t think the half painted walls are worthy of these prints yet.

il_fullxfull-495266642_3ke1And these flamingos make me wish we had pink in our house somewhere.  Maybe one day.  If a baby girl joins our family.  Or when we finally redo one of the bathrooms to be a bit more vibrant and fun.


The majority of Beach House Gallery’s prints run about $20-$30 for two prints.  Except for the crabbies.  Which are $40 and most likely going to find a home in our new kitchen.

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