where in the world…

…have I been?  Well, buried in boxes for one thing.  And living in the dark ages for another.

Yes, no internet yet.  I die.

No worries though,   Once my husband gets everything set up.  And we can find important things like power cords.  We’re actually living at my mom’s house starting today for the next four days, so YES!  Internet will be had!  Why you might ask?  When we just moved into our gorgeous new house?  Well, we’re in the process of moving my 88-year-old grandmother from California to Ohio, and while my mom is out enjoying the sunshine cleaning out her house, Grandma is relaxing here.  So us kids are on Grandma-duty until further notice.

The cons?  Not unpacking and a longer drive to work.  The pros?  Quality Grandma time and INTERNET!

Let’s be honest, I would never had survived in the 1800s.

  1. i dont have a dishwasher, or clothes dryer, or garbage disposal, or car here in england.

    sometimes i cry about it.

    california really never looked so good.

    okay it always looks good.

    sigh. home and modern day appliances.

    at least i have internet. lets be honest, i would not be here if i didnt have internet.

  2. Let me know if you guys have sometime off from Grandma-duty and you should come over. Or we can come over there!

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