when it’s hard to be thankful

It’s easy to write a post about all that’s good in my life on the days that I’m feeling blessed.   
Today is one of those days.
I’m just feeling loved.

But then there are those days that I’m so tired I can’t function.
Those days when every moment seems more disastrous than the last that I sometimes forget how much good there is in my life.
Those days when I envy.
When I’m not full of grace.
When I take life for granted.

It’s hard to be thankful on those days.
But those are the moments that we should be thanking God for the good in our lives.
For the husband who forgets to take out the garbage but is supportive of your dreams.
For the dog who wakes you up during a thunderstorm only to snuggle closer the rest of the night.
For the half-painted house that makes you cringe, but houses happiness within.
For the garbage disposal that spits back at you.  At least you’re well off enough to have one when others have so little.
For the girlfriends who also have mood swings (yes, that’s nature) but are always there in a pinch.
For the family that that abuses the ‘reply all’ option, but that you get to talk to every day.

Yes, it’s hard to be thankful when the day isn’t quite going your way.
But you still should be 🙂

Have a lovely weekend friends!

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