It didn’t rain.


Of course that didn’t really make a difference.  We still managed to be utterly lazy other than enjoying a dinner party with friends.

Steak sandwiches and brussel sprouts with walnuts and cranberries.

And oh my goodness, these might be the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

And as for Ricki?

Well, you know what he did all weekend.

  1. So, so cute… Ricki is precious. Does he freak out when people walk by? Gracie and Cooper aren’t aloud near windows. I’m afraid they will crash right through them every time someone walks by with a dog! Lol!

  2. the chocolate chip cookies and malbec look so good. that would be my dinner of choice! with a side of pizza.
    love, fatty.

  3. Rain or no rain, a lazy weekend (plus that amazing looking food!) sounds perfect to me : )

    PS. LOVE LOVE your gallery wall!

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