I had the greatest weekend with ‘no plans’.

That ended up being a weekend without a minute to spare.

Even though I thought I needed a break, what I needed was a date night with my husband.  Over pizza and beer.  Just catching up on every moment of the week.  It flies by much too fast.

A day date with my girlfriends.

Sipping on sangria and cucumber water outside a cozy little wine bar.

Indulging in rosemary and goat cheese flatbread.

Watching the world outside and giggling uncontrollably at every word uttered between us.

We saw Hunger Games immediately after.

And may have found more humor in the movie than others did.


Adam and I managed to sneak an invite to some club seats at the Lake Erie Monsters game.

A nacho bar and free beer?

Talk about heaven for Adam.


And yesterday we made some impromptu home improvements.

By impromptu I mean we installed the new garage door opener that we bought almost eleven months ago.

And by we, I mean Adam and his dad.

They’re quite the handy duo.



Their hard work was repaid with an encore of this peach barbecue sauce.

I’m eyeing a mango version for round three.


I have to say, for having nothing to do, this was one of the best weekends I’ve had yet.


  1. I had the same kind of weekend (including Hunger Games and impromptu home improvements!!!)- and think that they are the BEST kind of weekend!
    ps: isn’t sangria the best invention in the whole entire world?

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