What’s that?  I didn’t take any photos this weekend.Because I was doing this:
Yes, I know that’s Adam.  But he looks so darn cute when he plays.  I, on the other hand, am a sweaty mess covered in sand.  I still haven’t gotten the hang of diving without actually inhaling the sand.  It must be one of those volleyball pro tricks.  In the meantime, I looked it up.  There’s no nutritional gain to eating sand.  Crap, I thought I was onto something.
So this is what we did…ALL weekend long plus Monday. Three tournaments in three days.  Four for Adam, since he had two tournaments last night.  In 90 degree heat and humidty.Gatorade should sponsor us.
So light on the posting this week unless something earth-shattering happens.  We’re both just spent.  Hopefully we can tackle some more of the bedroom later this week, when we’re able to lift our arms again.  If and when we’re able to.

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