vegas baby

I went to Vegas last week.  For the first time ever.

I know, I’m deprived.

30 years old and never had the ‘vegas experience’


Last week wasn’t so much a fleeting rendition of ‘The Hangover’ as it was a work trip, but I still had a marvelous time exploring.

I fell in love with a drink.  It’s called Autumn in Paris.  Anjou pear vodka, Pineau des Charentes, pear puree and fresh sweet and sour – yes please.

The architecture, swoon.  Seriously, was not expecting that.



I think I’m a foodie.  Or just someone who likes to take photos of food.  Either way, I was smitten with everything I ate.



And with giant chocolate fountains.  And singing gondoliers.


Well played Vegas, I’ll be back.  Especially since I won $14.80 at the casino.  Just rollin’ in the dough over here.

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  1. isnt it marvelous? I have lived here a year almost.. and I still get excited to visit the strip. I hope that feeling never changes!

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