untraditionally fun

Oh hey, look at me.  Taking a break from excessive online shopping to blog…
I mentioned before that Adam and I called dibs on Thanksgiving right after we got hitched.  And managed to host our third Thanksgiving this past Saturday with over twenty family members in attendance.  Nothing makes you feel more adult than hosting a holiday.  Except when your holiday involves frying three turkeys, making potato chips and drinking more than your fair share of beer.
We like to think of our Thanksgiving as the alternative Thanksgiving to everyone’s formal ones on Thursday.  Although, I still try to sneak in a little bit of holiday decor.  As much as Adam will allow me too, since the whole point is for our holiday to be as laid back as possible.
But, I’m an avid believer that your food tastes better when eaten at a table full of pretties.  And I discovered that fall flowers are half the cost the day after Thanksgiving!  So waiting another few days for Thanksgiving was definitely worth it 🙂
We had a great holiday with our family…despite the fact that over half of us caught the flu a few days after.  I’ve traced it back to us all being together on this day.  I hope this won’t affect next year’s attendance…
Fried potato chips might be the best appetizer ever.  Lots of work, but they are crunchy and soft at the same time.  And you can season them to perfection!  We used our mandolin to make waffle cut potato chips this year.  Those little ridges make me happy.
This was one of three birds.  A lot of people = a lot of turkey.
And we’ll close out this Thanksgiving with the highlight of my holiday: this little turkey butt.  We’re already looking forward to the reindeer butt making an appearance at Christmas.
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