typical day.

Jumping on the bandwagon.

Thanks to Stacey and Natalie.

But I will admit, that I am kind of curious.

What is your typical day like?


Cause here’s mine:


2:10am: Dog wakes me up to go outside

4:20am: Dog decides it’s breakfast time somewhere and must eat. right. now.

5:12am: 1st alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.

5:22am:  2nd alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Promise to wake up to first alarm tomorrow.

5:28am: Dog becomes irritated at alarm ringing.  Begins his morning routine of pawing me and whining in my face.

5:32am:  3rd alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Dog is in full revolt now.

5:39am:  Become irritated.  Mutter bad words at dog while dragging my self out of bed.

5:40am: Shower, dry hair and get dressed.

6:23pm: If awake enough to forgive dog, take him for a walk.  Otherwise, just let him out in the backyard.

6:30am: Necessary chugging of coffee.

6:40am: Leave for work

7am-4pm: Day job.  Pretty exciting.

4:15pm: Arrive home.  IMMEDIATELY take dog for walk.  Because he fears he may never see the outdoors if we do not go right that second.

4:45pm:  Go through mail, change into my standard uniform of yoga pants.

5:15pm: Open fridge several times trying to determine what dinner I could possibly make with our limited selection of food.  Promise to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

5:22pm: Adam calls to let me know he’s on his way.  Dog immediately begins barking nonstop.  How does he know?

5:40pm: Adam arrives home.  Immediately get back in the car and go get Subway for nourishment.  Dog goes through several grieving stages as though he is being abandoned.

5:50pm: Arrive home.  Dog thinks we have been gone for four years.  Practically pees on us in excitement.

5:53pm: Eat subs, watch DVRed ‘Wilfred’.  Laugh hysterically.

6:40pm: Clean up dinner.

6:42pm: Dog is convinced that the outdoors have disappeared.  Let him out to prove him wrong.

6:43pm:  Either get ready for volleyball, work on our current home improvement project or settle in on the couch for a movie, tv, reading or blogging.

9:00pm: Get ready for bed, if we manage to stay up that late.  Unless we had volleyball.  Then we don’t get home till 11ish.

9:10pm: Throw ‘Big Bang Theory’ in the DVD player.  Watch two episodes and fall asleep midway through the third..

11:34pm: Dog steals pillow.

11:35pm: Dog forced to relocate to the bottom of the bed.

11:36pm: zzzzzzzzz.

And there you have it.  Our exciting weekday life.

Sometimes we watch ‘Two and a Half Men’ while we eat dinner.

Ya know, we like to change it up.  Keep things interesting.


So what’s your day like?


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  1. Our days are pretty similar actuially! I absolutely hate that most of my time is spent at work (ugh), but oh well…such is life.

    Your dog sounds so adorable and hilarious! Wish I had one myself.

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