three quarters

Oh Jake.  You’re 9 months and in 12 month clothing.  My little grower.  Keep chowing down on those ‘nanners cause I love your chunky little thighs.
You are crazy strong.  And a bouncer at heart.  You make little puttering noises when you play with your cars and look up at me immediately after catching a ball.  Because of course I have a big ‘yay Jake!’ just waiting for you.
Feeding yourself [everything in sight] makes you look so grown up.  Bring on the pickles but hold the mangoes.  And heaven forbid if we run out of those puffs.  You love them so, even when the dog just walks up and snatches it out of your hand.  You don’t bat an eye, just giggle and reach for another one.
You’re a go-with-the-flow kind of kid.  Which means we take you everywhere.  Home Depot remains your place of choice.  You’re about to go on your first airplane little buddy.  I actually wrote about this while you were still in my belly 🙂  I have a feeling you will flirt your way into the hearts of every passenger.  Or at least I hope so.  In the meantime I’ve loaded up the iPad with Kipper and the diaper bag with snacks.  Anyone have any advice for traveling with infants?
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