the south

Seriously.  This place.  It was gorgeous.  The perfect place for a wedding or party.  You could get lost in the impeccably decorated rooms or hide away in one of the two wine cellars.  And the food.  Oh my Lord.

The South always wins me over.  One plate at a time.

I adore trips down south.  If it weren’t for having our immediate family here in Cleveland, we would have called it quits and relocated years ago.  Adam and I are not cold weather people.  And the slow moving lifestyle of the southern states is our jam.

And the manners.  There’s a distinct difference between manners and southern manners.  Our son will undoubtedly be taught the later.  A southern gentleman in the north.   What a concept.

  1. Looks idyllic, really 🙂
    I still haven’t visited southern states ever, but it’s a definitely my goal in the Future

  2. oh i do love atlanta! and i love that – a southern gentelman in the north. he will be quite the little gentleman that’s for sure!

    yall need to come down to wilmington and see the south and the beach… and ME!

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