the one where i go on about fruit.

Is there any bad mood that a bowl full of ripe cherries cannot fix?I doubt it.  Well, maybe your food band-aid is chocolate, but for me?  Cherries.  And it’s not really the food, it’s the nostalgia that comes with every bite.
See, I didn’t like cherries.
Until I ventured to Spain.  And one blissful summer day I found myself perusing the crowded morning market before venturing across the bridge with my best friend to watch the paddle boats on the River Tormes.  All afternoon we laid in the sun, stuffed ourselves with rich, red cherries and cheese and talked about our adventures to come.
It’s one of those perfect moments that I’m instantly transported back to the moment I bite into a dark red cherry.They say smell has the strongest memory, but taste wins it for me on this one.  I couldn’t tell you what the air smelled like…but I’ll always remember the warmth of the sun on my face, the sound of my best friend’s laughter,…and of course, the taste of too many cherries.

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  1. i love those “bing cherries”!! the sour ones are my favorite!! love your blog by the way 🙂

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