the maybe-or-maybe-not apocalypse

Three posts in one day?  Apparently I’m talkative.  Those three weeks of internet silence has me bursting with words.  Most of which are unintelligent.
But I digress.
After returning home at 2am from Vegas, I slept.  A lot.  As in 13 glorious hours.  Until the overzealous birds woke me up.  I love spring but those birds, so talkative.  Or horny.  Something is making them chirp an awful lot lately.  Adam and I spent a home improvement day at home, yes, that means yard work.  That’s right, pulled me some weeds.  I don’t do yard work.  Especially when I’m tired and cranky and it’s actually hot out.  In Cleveland.  The rapture was going to happen Saturday.  Sun in Cleveland?  It was a sign.
But here I am.  I apparently wasn’t as well behaved as everyone else.  Since I was left behind.
Speaking of, ever read the Left Behind series?  Phenomenal books.  I highly recommend you go get them.  In preparation for the next apocalypse.  In October I believe?  I hope it doesn’t ruin Halloween, I’ve already got some stellar costume ideas.
Back to the weekend.  After the unnecessary long afternoon of weeding, we had a mini-dinner party Saturday night with my brother and SIL.  Adam had downloaded a new food app a few days ago and was dying to try grilled vegetable risotto.  Which was unlike any risotto I’ve had before.  Seriously, divine.  I will have to post the recipe here.  I took a photo of my food [food photo junkie] but alas, it is stuck on my camera until tonight.  I promise, you will see this creation and be hungry.
We also made salmon, but that was more of a side dish.  Not that it wasn’t good, but that risotto just demanded to be the center of attention.  We used my new Vinturi Deluxe wine aerator too.  My parents-in-law got it for me.  I love it.  You should get one, it will change your life.

We thought we were all sophisticated with our $6.99 bottle of wine, doing before and after tastings.  You actually can tell the difference, it’s remarkable.  Of course, we could also just buy better wine.  But who are we to not use such an amazing gift?

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  1. My mom got Joe and I the Vinturi for Christmas a few years back. You really can taste the difference. We dont have that cool stand though…

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