the maybe apocalypse

Last night was not a fun night.
We’re without power but we’re okay.  And incredibly lucky, compared to most of the people who live around us.  The aftermath isn’t pretty.
We had a storm roll through Northern Ohio that was definitely one for the books.  And unfortunately we were outside, playing volleyball, in sand, surrounded by METAL poles when it hit.  Baseball-sized hail, down pouring rain causing flash floods, lightning and thunder just rolling.  And a cyclone forming in the next town over.
We managed to make it inside the bar, but needed to make it home before there was a tornado.  So off we went, driving through knee-high water and now ping-pong-sized hail.
We almost made it home, so close.  But every road was blocked because it was flooded or a gigantic tree was laying across it.  Adam finally just got out of the car and ran home to make sure that Ricki was okay.  It took me half an hour to finally get to our house, but I had to drive through someone’s lawn and a flooded street to get there. And then I just couldn’t believe that we didn’t have any damage.  Just our neighbor’s chimney, sitting in our front yard.Like a yard gnome, only cuter.
Most of our neighbors weren’t as lucky.  Flooding throughout, trees on their lawn, their driveway, their house.  It’s going to be a long clean-up process.
We were lucky the forming cyclone never actually touched the ground.  But that storm, geez, I thought maybe that guy was just a few days off on his prediction.  Luckily it was just a fluke, and over as quickly as it came.  And thankfully we have no where near the level of devastation that is being experienced down south.
Instead we get to camp out for a few days until the power comes back on.  Bring on the chips cause we can’t open the fridge!

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