the fever

Our first close friends had a baby last week.

No big deal.  But she’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever.  With a full head of hair.

I’ve been oohing-and-ahhing over her.

A little too much.

And then I realized.

I’ve got the fever.

The baby fever.

I can’t help it.

My husband probably just turned white and fainted while reading this post.



I am not with child.

Nor will I be with child anytime soon.

It’s not in the plans.  Yet.

And it would put a damper on my summer volleyball season.


But hey, a girl can plan…

Well, kind of.  It seems like everytime I pin anything REMOTELY related to children I get at least three emails asking when I’m due.

Jumping the gun here people.  You’ll be the first to know when it’s time.


But daydreams of a sweet little version of Adam are sometimes the best daydreams.  Plus, if our first-born happens to be a boy, you know this will happen:


[boat shoes, striped collar sweater, ahoy invitation, soccer print, arsenal onesie, soccer cap, baby cleats]


Can’t help myself.  The boy will love boating and soccer.

It’s in his genes.


Also, baby boat shoes might surpass leg dimples as the cutest thing ever.

  1. cuuute little baby things! i have the fever, too, but well… i’m preg. and your volleyball comment cracked me up because when my neighbor found out she was pregnant last year, i think that was pretty much her first concern! haha 🙂

  2. Wow, I feel like we’re kind of the same person, according to this post. My BFF also just had her first baby, which gave me baby fever. We probably won’t have kids for another 3-4 years though. AND… I play beach volleyball!!


  3. Wait just a second, you are the cutest! I feel like this post is exactly what I’ve been feeling! I’m tempted to do it too. Just followed you and your cute little blog! Now Im headed over to your fashion posts!

  4. Sometimes my nephew gives me baby fever, then my sister-in-law calls me and asks if I can come hold the baby so she can take a shower. I’m so not ready to be making phone calls like that. Happy Friday!

  5. Haha this post made me so happy! I think we all get baby fever from time to time…especially when you’re exposed to a new little one with that perfect baby smell! xo, eliza

  6. Cutest little shoes!! Just started following you and am loving your blog already 🙂
    Hope you have a great Sunday!!
    lauren @ lemon trees and bumble bees

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