We do Thanksgiving a little differently at our house.
We all indulge in a traditional Thanksgiving feast on Thursday with our families just as any other red-blooded American does.
But come Saturday.
Well, Saturday is OUR Thanksgiving.

A day to break out the fryers, grab some friends and have a casual day of watching football, cooking some birds and shots. After the stress of preparing a whole meal on Thursday and having everything just so, it’s so relaxing to just prepare one dish each, throw on some casual clothes and hang out by the heater.
Because the Cleveland cold was in full-force on Saturday.

Yes, there are many shots.
I said it was a bit nontraditional.
(no worries, this mama was busy sipping on orange juice instead of whiskey)


We gathered a large crowd this year: twenty-two people and forty-seven pounds of turkey.
That’s a lot of poultry.


And a lot of shots.

Check out #studzgiving for more photos on twitter and instagram.

Now onto the next holiday. After all the excitement this weekend I didn’t have time to put up our tree, but I’m ready for our home to be clothed in the warmth of twinkle lights and garland.

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