suzi’s wedding morning reveal

Excuse the lack of regular blogging over the past week friends.

I’ve been a tad under the weather.

Also, I think fall allergy season is already in full-force.  Which means nature and I won’t be seeing eye-to-eye for the next few months.

I am a snotty mess.

To tide you over until next week, I wanted to share a few of the photos I took of my girl Suzi getting ready for her big day.

Stay tuned.  Tomorrow will be the dress reveal.

Gosh, I love every detail of weddings.


We started out the morning at Maria Giallanza Salon in Solon.

With Maria herself there to transform Suzi’s blonde locks into an elaborate chignon.


I absolutely loved the tiny braids hidden in her hair.

Afterwards we went back to the bride’s house where mimosas were flowing.
Everyone was in a relaxed mood.
Getting their makeup done.
Snacking on an amazing brunch put together by the bridesmaid’s mother.

And tomorrow: the bridal pictures.
Regular blogging to resume next week.

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