suzi’s getting ready photos

My favorite part of photographing weddings is seeing everything fall into place.

Every detail, down to the shoes.

It’s so perfect.So getting to capture Suzi getting ready for her big day was the highlight of my summer.

Her dress was stunning.

Layers of ruffled chiffon.

Sweet, classic but with a modern edge.


Gorgeous sparkler.

Jon did good.



I loved every last detail.

And she was ready to go 🙂



Orange shoes and all.

I even got to assist her with putting them on.



Not my best angle.


  1. Such a fun photo of you in action! Those kinds of shots remind us of how passionate we are about our jobs 🙂 xoxo

  2. It sure does take an army to get a bride into her dress and accessories. Glad you were able to document the whole process.

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