sprinkles and cake crumbs

I have a secret.

My husband can bake.  Seriously.

Unbeknownst to me (and anyone else who has ever made contact with him) he has been harboring this secret superpower.  Denying that he’s capable of any baking activity other than stirring.  Not convinced?

The proof my friends, is in my birthday cake.

Yes, that delicious two-tier cake was made especially for me by my super-secret-baker-of-a-husband.  Chocolately devil’s food cake filled and topped with my favorite chocolate-cool-whip topping.  And sprinkles to boot.

And I would’ve eaten every bite but we had guests over and that would just be rude.  But don’t think the thought didn’t cross my mind.
Also, he bought those weird candles made in China, I feared for my life as I leaned over to blow them out.  There were too many and I feared a malfunction.  Or lead poisoning.

  1. oh those men… you just never know what baking secrets they hide:))

    mine also stirs, and bakes, and cooks in general. i find it very convenient;) lol

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