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Yesterday as I was walking to my car I was surprised to see snow swirling around.

I don’t know why I’m always in denial that summer is indeed over.  I’m not ready to face the cold.  Embrace the snow.  Endure the months of darkness.

Fall is a quick relief from the heat, but sometimes I wish we could just go from summer to fall to spring.

Except that the holidays would be odd.  When we lived in California, December was never quite the same without the snow.

And it’s easier to get in the spirit of decorating the house when the temperature drops below 50.


I finally broke down and put out my first winter decoration this past weekend.

An easy one that can last through the holidays and all the way till April.

Yes, it snows till April here.



A pack of pinecones from the dollar store.

These sweet mercury glass votives from Target.

Classic white pillar candles.

All piled on a mirrored tray.


A simple and quiet nod to the impending cold season.

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  1. In Utah, our Winter is basically November until April. I don’t really mind, during November-January, but after that, I am all ready for spring bloom!!! 🙂

    I love cloudy weather, so Autumn and Winter are perfect for that, haha.

    Your decoration is simply gorgeous! I can’t believe you put everything together so easily. I’ll need to try and copy your idea! 🙂

  2. I am laughing because I feel the same way! I am always surprised when summer ends and it get so cold!! Love the simple arrangement!


  3. your centre piece looks great! I too am in denial of Winter….sigh…I wish it was hot and Summer was here.

  4. Snow already? It has finally started to get cold outside where I am..although I do wish it would snow once in a winter..seriously hard to to think Christmas when it’s 95 outside haha
    Love the decor..classic, elegant, pretty! 🙂

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