ruins of past

While at Middle Bass we stumbled upon the ruins of…something.  We’re not quite sure what.  It almost seemed like the entryway to a house or park or something of importance.  I’ve scoured some of the historical sites about the island, but have yet to find any mention of this little gem.  It almost looks like it could have been part of the local winery – but for what purpose, we don’t know.


So our friends told us the tales they had heard, of the underground dock being used during prohibition for sneaking across alcohol and goods from South Bass Island.  How much of that is true – I’m not sure.  But I loved walking the grounds, running my hand over the weathered stone, imagining why one would need such a grand entrance to what appears to be a grassy field.

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Little treasures like this.  Unknown to most.  Are why I love exploring.  Even when it’s only a few miles from home.

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