In a recent burst of spring cleaning, my mama has been going through all our childhood memories that were packed away down in the basement for years.  Original artwork by yours truly (masterpieces I tell you).  First place ribbons for silly events like sandcastle building and three-legged races.  Handwritten stories declaring my mom to be the best mom ever.  Even if at age six I was convinced that she sat at home and ate chocolate all day while I was at school.  Folders from high school covered with Dave Matthews quotes and the scratched out names of old crushes.


Finding my old ‘quote’ book was definitely one.  Just a tattered notebook filled with every quote I ever loved and held dear.  I had a thing for quotes back in high school.  They inspired me and gave me some type of motto to live by.  My biggest problem was that I loved so many of them, I could rarely focus on just one.

That hasn’t changed much as I’ve gotten older.  It’s still hard for me to pick one quote, one verse that defines my life and how I want to live it.

But if I had to.  If you were holding a klondike bar hostage and I had to pick just one in order to get it back…

Without a doubt it would be this verse from Romans.

It’s just three simple reminders that I need in my daily life.  To have joy, to be patient and to always turn to prayer.

I even ordered this print to put up in our nursery (reveal coming soon!) as a reminder for Jake.  And for me during late night feedings when I feel myself becoming frustrated at the lack of sleep.  It’s amazing how something as simple as a quote can remind me to look down and instead be thankful for those steel blue eyes gazing up at me.  Sleep can wait.

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