It’s raining.  Again.

I swear we are three days away from having to build an ark.
Which wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Kind of like a free cruise with fifty of your favorite animals.
I know there’s more than twenty-five species.  But if I’m going through the trouble of building the ark, I’ve earned the right to be choosy.

Snakes need not apply.  You didn’t make the list.

  1. I like the way you think. I’d totally dance YMCA with a monkey.

    (That’s what they do on cruises, right? Make you dance to embarrassing songs? I’m not really sure.)

  2. I havent even finished my first cup of coffee yet (it is early in Cali still!) and that made me chuckle. Laugh, before coffee= successful ancedote!

  3. If only it was raining red hearts! Good luck with the rain…my recommendation would be to buy a colorful umbrella, its always nice to have a pop of color on those rainy days. Have a great weekend and I’ll pray for some sun! xoxo

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