ORBed it back to life

Some of you may have seen some of the sneak peeks on instagram (@nstudly) I’ve been posting about our current house project.  Namely, getting rid of the wash out pale yellow exterior walls and splashing on some Cape Cod inspired blue-grey to spruce the house up.

Exterior painting is the true test of a marriage.  Because it’s not just one room.  It’s the whole deal.  Multiple walls.  Multiple floors.  Multiple types of trim.  The works.

I’m a firm believer that if you and your spouse can paint an entire house together…you are in it for the long haul.

You can quote me on that.

There’s no big reveal today, namely because a month later, we’re STILL not completely finished and I’d rather not flood the internet with pictures of my half-painted house.  I do have a quick little project I completed this weekend and have been boasting about ever since.

When we moved into the house we were immediately smitten with having double front doors – they made moving a breeze.  What we weren’t so keen on was the hardware that adorned them.

Kind of lackluster.

The plan always was to replace them when we repainted the front doors.  But after seeing this ORB spraypaint tutorial on Young House Love, I decided to try to upgrade these babies myself.
What’s the worst that could happen?  We have to buy the doorknobs we were already planning to buy?

So I grabbed a can of RustOleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint (around $7 a can) and removed the hardware from the door.  Sherry used a liquid deglosser before spraypainting, but since I didn’t have any on hand, I just washed them thoroughly with dishsoap to remove the grease and grim.  It seemed to do the trick.

Then sprayed a thin coat every twenty minutes until I had the coverage I wanted.

Here was the result (after and before):

I’m kind of in-love.
And desperately wanting to repaint the doors.

Not bad for a $7 upgrade.

  1. That’s beautiful! We just recently got married AND bought a house and we painted a majority of the rooms (3 to go!) and are now almost done with the doors. Next is trim.

    I completely agree with you! Making it through all this painting has definitely been a test! haha 😉

  2. spray paint fixes everything.. oh man! we’ve refinished so many ugly pieces of furniture- just a quick spray and BAM! instant upgrade

  3. What a great upgrade…I love finding low cost ways to make big impact! Love the look and can’t wait to see the full reveal 🙂

  4. Such a great idea! I always forget the magic of spray paint – I think I’ll get on it this weekend!!

    xo Caitlin

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