oh hey fall

Welcome to September.

That’s right, summer is over.  Even if it is still 92 degrees today.

My friends in Texas are laughing at me.  Because 92 degrees is like winter compared to what they’re dealing with right now.

But yesterday morning I woke up and walked outside to clouds, coolness and that smell.  Yes, that smell everyone covets.  The first time you can sense leaves in the air.  When grass clippings leave your senses and are replaced by the smoky aroma of burning wood.  When the air no longer clings to your skin, but brushes gently past you, leaving a cooling sensation.

I love autumn.

I love that I can ditch my short-shorts for my staple jeans and boots.  That I can layer to my heart’s content and throw on a chunky knit hat without getting looks.  That I can grab a spiced pumpkin latte and watch the world go by.  That my fridge will house my grandmother’s apple pie.  That the smell of the air will fill the house, making the days feel fresh and nights feel cozy.

That life slows down for a bit when autumn makes an appearance.  No wonder it’s the time of year we’re so thankful.  How can you not appreciate the little things when the world is going through such a beautiful change.

Okay Fall, I’m ready for ya.  Bring on the hats.

  1. Yep – I’m in Texas and when we broke 90 degrees I put on a sweatshirt to celebrate! Haha! This has been the hottest summer EVER. Bring it on hoodie season! 🙂

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