marinas are my jam

No really.
Some people get all giddy when they walk into a high-end hotel or boutique.
We drive past a marina and I’m like, hold the phone. I need to see this.

There’s something so serene yet exhilarating about marinas to me. Seeing large, powerful boats gracefully tied up, bobbing ever so slightly in their slip. Just waiting to be let loose into the open water.

Seven days in Fort Myers meant seven days of blissfully exploring Gulf Harbour Yacht Club.
Seven days.
I didn’t even mind the few days of cloudy weather we had.
I had boats to occupy my time.


Every so often a fish would jump out of the water to grab a bite.
Impossible to catch on film. And apparently not allowed to be caught.


I have a thing for ropes. In a non-50shades type of way.
It just fascinates me that a tiny rope can hold more than seven tons steady.


Yeah, marinas are my kind of eye-candy.
What’s yours?

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