keeping with tradition

YEAR ONE: Paper.As in, Happy Anniversary, I got you this ream of 500 white sheets?Nah, I had to get a bit creative.  Which was alright with me.  The whole point of the paper anniversary is to take something simple and make it memorable.  Paper is such a humble yet versatile material.  And once I found a bunch of colored envelopes, I knew exactly what I would create for my hubby of one year!

A colorful alphabet!  Tied up to our lovely spindles with ribbon and held with paperclips (couldn’t find the clothespins, still packed).  A little note tucked inside the green ‘start here’ envelope explained the paper anniversary and encouraged Adam to take a peek in the rest of the envelopes.
Each lettered envelope housed a little note for Adam to keep.  I just whipped up an word document with each letter and formatted them in different fonts.  After printing each letter on cardstock (and trimmed to a 3×5 size), I colored in each letter (the color printer and I were not having a good day, so black’n’white it had to be)!  Each note started with the respective letter and contained a little tidbit of things I love about him, about us and about our lives together.  I had to get a bit creative with some of the letters, but I’m sure Adam loves our eXtraordinary life as well.
It may have been a bit cheesy, but I’m glad I stuck to tradition!  And I love seeing the cheerful garland when I come downstairs in the morning.  Sure we’ll have to take down this colorful alphabet eventually, but right now it makes me smile.

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