jennette’s pier

Back in the summer when we were in North Carolina, we ventured to a new spot.
The original fishing pier of the Outer Banks.
I just happened upon these photos the other day and was hit with a pang of longing to be down there again. I’m one of those people who gets their energy from the sea. And from anything with a story.


Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head has both.
This historic 1939 pier was once the destination of fishermen everywhere. Until a hurricane destroyed more than half of it in 2003. Luckily the funds were found to rebuild this favorite local spot, keeping with the wooden aesthetic of the old pier but securing the footing with concrete.
Bring on the hurricanes.


The educational center was full of aquariums and old photos of 1940s fishermen with their catch of the day. Each visitor was politely asked to provide a small donation in exchange for access to the full length of the pier. A cool 1,000 feet out into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

It must be incredible to be sitting out there during 20 foot seas. Floating just above the chaos.


We didn’t venture there long, as we had lunch reservations elsewhere but I wouldn’t say no to a long afternoon spent lounging on one of the many benches, watching the fishermen work and just enjoying the sea breeze.

After all, that’s what piers are made for.

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