We spent last week at the beach. Which was heaven, minus the fact that the ocean decided that 61 degrees was an acceptable temperature.

It’s ok. I spotted a jellyfish, so I totally wasn’t going in there anyway.

The weather and the company were fantastic as usual. And Corolla, well, you never disappoint. The windy road, sandy dunes and soft salt water breeze is so signature. I can’t help but feel instantly relaxed the second our feet hit the island.

I’m still sifting through photos, but here’s a quick instagram recap.

corolla beaches – this guy loved his beach house – morning boys
piering – mama’s little swimmer – kitty hawk pier
just a little rain – seriously, these piers – conch chowder

  1. i live like 30 mins from the outer banks!! we’ve been having some awesome weather, so i’ve been lots of time at the beach! 🙂 what part did you stay in?

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