in my baby bag

Yes, baby bag.  This thing holds much more than diapers.
A huge mamahood transition for me was giving up my beloved little crossbody bag for a diaper bag.  I dreaded this day.  Until I got my hands on the Stevie bag from Kate Spade (thanks to my sisters!)
It’s just the right size and is super light to begin with…which is a must when you consider how much stuff you need to carry around.  The two outside drawstring pockets are the perfect size for bottles or puffs and provide easy access to them.  And the wipe-able nylon inside is lined with pockets galore, including a larger one with a diaper changing pad.
It doesn’t hurt that it’s Kate Spade either.  If I must lug stuff with me, I will lug it in style.
And lug stuff I do.  Other than the typical diapers, wipes and formula, here’s what else I’m toting around:
boogie wipes (these are much more gentle than using regular wipes since they are saline-based)
puffs (the sweet potato are the current favorite)
lip vibrance (my current favorite blistex…just a hint of color)
this Melissa & Doug worm toy.  one of Jake’s current favorites.
light blanket (these swaddle ones are our favorite)
 and we always toss in a pair of shoes for our little explorer!
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