if you really knew me…

everyone else is doing it so why not?
megan.. (side eye)
If you really knew me…
You’d know that I talk with my dog.  Not just in the sense that I’m talking aloud to myself, but that I’m actually having a conversation with him.  Don’t judge, if you had a dog you’d do it too.
You’d know that I am the holy grail for mosquitoes everywhere.  I swear they go on a pilgrimage to find me.
You’d know that I cannot stand the smell of metal.  And will avoid touching coins if possible because of it.  That and I can sometimes be a germ-a-phoebe.
 You’d know that I sometimes get overwhelmed in social situations.

You’d know that the smell of chlorine calms me.  A somewhat nostalgic effect from my lifeguarding days.

You’d know that I love rainy weather.  Even more than sunshine.  Even if that sounds depressing.  A cloudy day with steady rain is bliss to me.

You’d know that I get my energy from being alone.  Ten minutes with a sunrise and a cup of Earl Grey tea are enough to fuel me for the entire day.

You’d know that I used to fear change.  So much that I was in tears when my mom moved one of the kitchen cabinets around.  Now change can’t come soon enough.  I’m constantly moving…everything…in our house.  Enjoying the burst of energy each new placement brings.
It drives my husband insane.

You’d know that I’ve given up control over that past few months.  Left things to chance, to God, to the planets aligning.  This is a big step for me.

You’d know that I’m sporadically emotional.  Over nothing.

You’d know that I am constantly freezing.  Even in eighty degree weather. My dream would be to live down south where I don’t have to live in fear of being caught without a sweater.

You’d know that water is my jam.  I have a strong obsession with oceans, lakes, pools, streams and anything that goes along with it (like marinas).

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