i like to eat.

We hosted our first holiday at our house.

The fried turkey extravaganza.


 [headband c/o gleeful peacock]

We high-five our turkeys.

No joke.

We also made homemade potato chips in the fryer.

They were to die for.

There was no need for turkey after those.  But it was thanksgiving, so the bird went swimming.

Turkey tastes better with shots.



How was your holiday?  Did you fry or bake your bird?  Adam wants to give grilling a go, but I don’t think our grill can handle a twenty-pound bird.


He thinks it’s an excuse to buy a new grill.

  1. I’ve never had fried turkey! If I ever start eating meat again, I may have to make it one year!

    PS I love how your fam celebrates Thanksgiving. Looks like FUN!

  2. all of these photos makes the whole day just seem like so much fun! happy belated thanksgiving!
    xo TJ

  3. On Thanksgiving, Jen’s parents made a regular turkey. On Saturday, Jen baked us one that she smothered in Cajun and other seasoning. SO GOOD, SO JUICY. We’d love to try and fry one!

    Also, heck yeah shots!

  4. We smoke our turkeys. But we drink a lot of booze, too, so I guess our families aren’t that different! My brother and mom added a whole lot of bacon this year, and it pretty much made the thing perfect.

  5. i need to ask stephen is frying a turkey is something they do in the UK..

    the answer is probably no…

    in which i will reply: lame.

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