his first christmas

A wee bit late on the recap, but life has been a bit busy lately.  Christmas already seems like a lifetime ago.  It was in a word: magical.  Experiencing a holiday through someone else’s eyes.  Even though he was too young to fully grasp what was going on, or the meaning of each tradition, his face was so full of light.  His eyes constantly moving, trying to take in all the movement and laughter.

All he needed were a few bath cups and he was good to go.  But of course, Jake was spoiled beyond his wildest dreams from his family and friends.  Not to mention the never-ending kisses, hugs and cuddles.  He had the best Christmas of us all.

And he loved the little gift from us – a pinhole press book with the faces of all his favorite people.  We opened it up and he yelled ‘mama’.  My heart pretty much exploded.  How could it not? 🙂

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