Going along with today’s theme for the entire blog world: my Halloween recap.

Which ended up being quite different than planned.  We have a tradition of going over to my brother’s house to hand out candy, drink cider in the driveway and eat until we’re fat and sleepy.

But Adam had to work until late last night and the dog has some kind of dog-flu.

So it ended up being a Halloween at home, in our new neighborhood.

Which meant I, being completely unprepared, had to run and get candy, decorate our house and create some type of costume in under an hour.

I know you don’t have to dress up to hand out candy.  But I feel like if the trick-or-treaters have to dress up to eat candy, then wearing a costume makes it okay for me to eat candy too.

So I grabbed a child’s witch’s hat.  Yes.  Child-sized.  I have a very petite head.

And raided my closet.

Voila.  A witch’s costume for under $2.

[dress from express, tights from h&m, booties from target]

Cheesy.  I totally can’t wiggle my nose by the way.  I spent a lot of time last night trying to.

I attempted to make Ricki dress up with me.  But he pretty much became sullen and angry once I slipped his Ohio State Jersey on.

Sheesh, it’s not like I made him wear a full-on costume.


So that was Halloween.  The bad part is that I bought way too much candy.

Actually that’s the good part.

The bad part is I sacrificed some of my favorite kinds to the trick-or-treaters.

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  1. cute costume! We gave away all our candy! It was our first halloween in this neighborhood and we were an hour and a half under-prepared!

  2. wow, a costume for less than $2? and so cute, too! i didn’t even dress up for the trick-or-treaters (unless an orange t-shirt counts)! 🙂

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