This might be a bit vague.

But there have been a few too many tidbits of bad news over just a few days.

The kind of things that take you by surprise.

And make you give your life a second look.


That’s how I’m feeling today.

For those simple things that we enjoy every day.



So while not every moment in my life is filled with joy, happiness and those I love, the majority of them are.

And that’s something to be truly grateful for.


pictures via pinterest

  1. I often agree with the statement ‘when it rains, it pours” so I know what it can feel like to get some heavy news all at once. Hang in there- sending some prayers your way today!!!

  2. i can relate to a string of really hard, bad news these last 5 days or so. thanks for the reminder to be grateful for what we have. i hope that you find some relief from the bad news and hard things soon.

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