fort myers

Just one last quick recap of the girls trip I took down to Fort Myers with my sister, Wren and our mamas a few weeks ago.  I already gushed over the marina, discovering Sanibel and getting spend a day with Candice.
But I did other things too.
Every morning began with a 3 mile hike walk through the community, along the marina and around the golf course.
Yes, I went on a three mile walk. With minimal complaining. You wouldn’t complain either if you saw some of these wintering homes people had built along the harbour.
I better start saving my pennies now.
Even on cloudy mornings the walks continued.
Sometimes over to the tiny island that separated the marina from the open bay.
Wildlife.  It’s everywhere.
Mornings were spent at the pool or the beach.
Then we retired to our condo for wine, margaritas and even a game as the afternoon thunderstorms rolled in.
[wren, me, my little sister, my mama and wren’s mama]
Before heading out to local spots for dinner.
Our favorite?
The Lazy Flamingo.
Excellent grouper, excellent beer and even more excellent service.
A great girls trip!  Perfectly lazy and fun.
Plus we got my mom hooked on Blue Moon.
And that my friends, is priceless.
I’m off for some more vacation next week.
Rest assured I have some friends willing to entertain you while I’m gone.
They’re sharing their 15 minutes of fame or famous run-ins.
Guaranteed to be some good reads.
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