for the guy

Boys.  Yeah, they’re a real stumper.

Especially when it comes to Christmas gifts.

But after extensive research involving buying presents for my husband and brother for many, many years, well…it appears there are some gifts that will even make a grown man smile.

adam’s favorite hoodie.  lightweight and perfect for layering.

a leather cuff watch for casual days.

popular science subscription.  they don’t have to be a geek to geek out about this.

tools, tools, tools.  what guy doesn’t love power tools.

vintage apparel from their favorite team.

led maglite.  the best and the brightest.

save your dvr space and grab his favorite tv show on dvd.

  1. Great ideas! I love the hoodie suggestion. I’m almost done with my husband … just a few more little things. I always renew his beloved US Weekly annual subscription. Loves him some celeb gossip. 🙂

  2. You nailed it! Sports attire, Maglite, watch, How I Met Your Mother Seasons, and Men’s Health Magazine are staples in my “boy buying” Christmas list. The tools are a great idea as well, but I don’t feel qualified enough to purchase tools they actually need… The only thing I would add is a pocket knife.

  3. I am at a loss as to what to give my Adam. I’ve gotten him only CLOTHING so far, and that’s boring. He reads all his books on the Kindle, he watches all his movies digitally (so no DVDs), and his wishlist has FIVE stinking things on it. FIVE. Five BORING things.

    Oh hey, I grew up in Cleveland, OH!

  4. Oh I like the magazine idea! I am totally at a loss for any ideas right now. I thought sports apparel too, but I feel like he has soo much of that 🙂

    I just recently found your blog….love it!

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