footprint valentines

So in a sleep-deprived haze, I decided that I would take the Pinterest world by storm and try to make some Valentine’s Day cards from Jake.  They actually turned out to be really cute…
The whole process was very easy, other than wrangling a 10 month old into the correct position to ‘stamp’ his feet while trying to not get paint all over yourself.  I set up various sheets of paper on our bathroom floor along with some paint on a paper plate.  I had a bath ready to go and stripped Jake down to his diaper before dipping his toes in the paint.  We managed to stamp three pieces of paper because he realized that paint was involved and immediately stuck his hands all over the papers.
My bathroom looked like Dexter Morgan had paid a visit by the time we were done.
I did manage to get a couple footprints to work with…and cut the rest of the ‘art’ into hearts for other cards.
I kind of love the abstract hearts just as much as the footprints.  Maybe I’ll let Jake dabble with some finger paints for our Easter cards.  Some very washable finger paints.

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