five things

[1] My right foot is a smidge bigger than my left foot. Not in an obvious way, but enough that I can feel the difference when trying on shoes.

[2] I am not a cold weather person. And get a serious case of seasonal depression each January and February. The lack of warmth, light and green, it does me in.

[3] I’m a closet puzzler. I really do like sitting down with a good puzzle on the weekend. It’s relaxing to me. And my friends are closet puzzlers too, so we’re nerdy together.

[4] I’m not very good at being pregnant. At all. You know those women who are all glowy and in love with being pregnant? That is not me. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond excited and blessed to be having a healthy pregnancy…I just miss seeing my feet and having energy. Not to mention the fact that I spent more than half of my pregnancy praying to the porcelain gods.

[5] My hair is naturally very light, but I dye it brown to match the super-dark Brooke Shield eyebrows that I was blessed with.

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