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I’m a contact wearer and have been since the wee age of 13.  Before that, I was rocking the glasses full-time, which in those days, was not considered “cool”.  Those contacts.  They saved my social life.

Thankfully, glasses have made their comeback and are a must-have fashion accessory these days.  Which means that I desperately want to upgrade my frames (and my two-prescription-ago lenses) to something a little more trendy so I can give my contacts a break a few days a week.  So I’ve decided to give Firmoo a go since your first pair of frames are FREE.  Yes, free.  You just have to pay for shipping.


I’ve been trying to decide between these two sets of frames…studious enough for work, but casual enough for daily wear.

Thoughts?  I’m leaning towards option one, but maybe I’ll just get both of them since the first pair is free 🙂  Or perhaps spring for some new sunglasses since mine always seem to meet their demise in my purse.


In need of some new frames yourself?  You can enter below to win TWO pairs of free frames complete with 1.50 single vision lenses or sunglasses with zero-powered lenses for those of you rocking perfect vision.

Please note: prize includes: TWO (2) pairs of free glasses or sunglasses for two lucky winners at  without shipping if there are less than 40 participants.  TWO (2) pairs of free glasses or sunglasses for two lucky winners at  without shipping and one (1) extra pair of totally free prize including shipping if the giveaway gets more than 40 participants.

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