down for the count

We have survived.  Just barely.  Adam and I were both brought down with the most vicious flu earlier this week.  So debilitating that neither of us left our bed for almost 24 hours.  I felt so useless.  And crushed that I couldn’t take care of Jake (who mysteriously escaped catching this bug.  How a kid brings home everything under the sun from daycare but doesn’t catch the mother of all flus is beyond me.  Scientists should be studying him).
He still had a grand ol’ time though – while both his parents were down for the count.  Entertaining his grandma to no end.  Showing off his clapping abilities.  Crawling up the stairs for the first time ever (must teach Grandma to use camera…).  And standing up like a champ.
This kid has been blowing through developmental milestones the last few weeks and I cannot keep up.  Every day he looks more and more like a little boy and less like a baby.  I’m kind of okay with it though.  I keep saying every month (as cliché as it sounds), THIS IS MY FAVORITE AGE!  He just gets better and better.

Even if he’s constantly got boogers all over his nose 🙂

-No worries, the crib was lowered immediately after we took these photos – safety first!

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