don’t give up the ship

Every year the tall ships descend upon Cleveland’s harbor for about a week or so.  These tall (duh), majestic, replicas of historic vessels sail from port to port for festivals and such.  I’m enamored with them simply because they seem like something out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Johnny Depp is surely stowed away on one of them.
We missed them this year, being on vacation in OBX, but I heard that the lines to board the ships for a look were long and the festival was crowded.  Lucky for us, Cleveland decided that the tall ships needed to make another appearance for the bicentennial of the Battle of Lake Erie: a war of 1812 where we creamed the British and reclaimed our lake.  There was a whole reenactment planned for the bicentennial, complete with cannonballs.
So we went tall ship chasing the day before the ‘battle’, jetting from one island to the next.  Till we found this beauty sailing the high low seas.
But didn’t stop there – we kept on hunting for more, even as the weather turned a bit gloomy.
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