doggie paddling

For the past five years we’ve been blessed with our dog.
He’s quirky, human-like and has selective-hearing.
We pretty much have him figured out by this point.
Other than the last great remaining mystery.
Can he swim?
Being an avid hater of baths and peeing in the rain, Ricki wasn’t the ideal candidate for a swim.  But he adores being on the boat.  Which is near water.  So he can’t hate it that much…right?
Besides, we had a doggie life jacket for him to rock.
Which I couldn’t stop squealing about once we put it on. He looked like such a brave dog in that orange vest.  My heart melted.
He was being so calm and so sweet.
Until we got him in the water.
Then he turned into the dog version of Ryan Lochte.
Paddling this way then that way.
Happy as a clam dog in water.
A pretty successfully first swim.
Resulting in a exhausted but happy pup.
The rest of the day was spent hanging out on the platform watching the other boats.
And watching the Olympics in the air conditioning.
No need to overdo it on day one.
I couldn’t be prouder of our little pup though.
Who knew he had it in him?
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