diy housewarming invites

So we’re throwing a housewarming party (6 months late) and you’re all invited.  Provided you can make it to Cleveland and figure out where we live.  No gifts necessary, your presence at our front door will be surprise enough.

And obviously, the main benefits of this party are that

1) I get to make a ton of food.

2) I get to eat a ton of food.
3) I get to try to be crafty while avoiding helping with the messy home improvement jobs.

So while Adam’s been busy playing  Mr-Fix-It, I’ve been busy brainstorming ideas.  Namely, the invites.  Which started out as a regular ol’ invitation, but then while straightening up our piles of renovation supplies I spotted a stack of unused paint chip cards that were begging to be repurposed.

Or at least be of some use since we really haven’t a clue about the house color scheme yet.

So instead I created these.

It was really quite simple.  I composed a little invite message and ran it through printer (onto regular paper) to see where the words ended up on the paper.  I then lined up the paint chip directly over the words (so they would print on the chip instead) and secured it with a couple pieces of scotch tape.  Crossed my fingers and ran it through the printer and voila!  Words on a paint chip!

(Specifically on Lowe’s Olympic Paint chips)

I just kept taping a new paint chip on the same piece of paper and running it through the printer.  An easy solution for ‘odd’ shaped or sized pieces of paper that you need to print on.

And now, onto planning the important stuff.  Like food.  And what else I can create out of free supplies.

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