color torn

I mentioned yesterday that we’re giving our exterior an overhaul.

A makeover that is way overdue.

Leading us to discover that our house was once painted olive green with a bright teal door.

Who were these people?

Anyway, aftering giving our door hardware a quick and inexpensive new look this past weekend, it became apparent that our double-front doors are in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.  They’ve faded so much that there’s an ombré effect taking place where the glass door lays over it.

Trendy, but definitely sad looking.

My MIL has been a gem in scouring ideas for paint.  She seriously has a crazy good eye when it comes to color.  Thank goodness…other than red, I didn’t really know what paired well with a blue house.  And well, I didn’t want to go the traditional red route.

We narrowed it down to these two yesterday.  And I’m debating which one to try first.

Glidden’s Black Mahogany and Sherwin Williams Coastal Plains.
Our house is being painted Glidden French Grey.

I like them both for different reasons.

The deep chocolate-plum undertones really keeps the house color as the main event.  And will tie in beautifully with the plum curtains you can see peeking out the bay window.

The greyish-green is calm, relaxing and very cape-cod-like.

Both colors really make the hardware pop.  I was worried the darker door knobs would fade into the dark plum but they actually are much bolder than the paint color.

So internets.

Which one do you think is the winner?

Seriously.  I need your opinion here.  I’m torn.

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