I won’t be posting a zillion photos in an effort to be different.

And because I was too busy soaking up the love during our holiday.

We were lucky enough to invite a family to share it with us, one who is related to some of us, but not to all.  Our family tree is a bit hectic looking.

Regardless, they became family in a few short days.  And this holiday may have been the best yet.

This was the first year I wrote ‘To Dad’ on a tag.

That I watched someone read the Night Before Christmas to his daughter.

To watch him overcome with emotion at her simple gift.

That I realized that Christmas isn’t just a time for missing someone.  But for making new memories and for basking in the glow of every moment.

This post is a little heavy for such a joyous occasion.  But after eleven Christmases of going through the motions, I finally felt excitement.  And that was the greatest gift ever.  Christmas won’t ever be the same to me.  But it’s finally beginning to be something to look forward to.

And really.  How can you not tear up looking at this little girl clutching her new American Girl doll.

Especially when you so clearly remember unwrapping that box yourself sixteen years ago.

I hope you had the merriest holiday.

I know I did 🙂

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