They’re in the air.

Fall is finally showing its face.  The leaves are changing and the temperature is somewhat cooperating.  As in sometimes it dips below 70 degrees for a few hours.

No rush Cleveland, we’ll get there.

Ricki is thrilled though.

Fall brings out the squirrels.  Scurrying around frantically to prepare for the inevitable winter that will strike any day now.  That’s how weather works here.  Sunny one day, blizzarding the next.

But instead of dreading the coming winter, I’m savoring this small glimpse of fall we’ve been given.

And spending time cuddling the pup, watching the squirrels from the window.

His second favorite thing to do after chasing them

Still hasn’t figured out that he can’t climb trees and they can.

Silly puppy.

I’ll sit here with you all you want.

  1. a) gorgeous gorgeous photos 🙂 you are one pretty lady!
    b) I grew up in the midwest–and loved the fall…I miss it so much!
    c) our kitties LOVE the squirrels too!
    d) enjoy the rest of your weekend! xoxo {av}

  2. what is it with dogs and squirrels. they are mortal enemies i’m thinking.

    and i went to Cleveland for a wedding three years ago (how was it that long ago) … in October and it freezed my tush! must have visited on a blizzard like weekend. but we still had such a great time!!

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