burlap sack

I’ll be honest.  I wasn’t planning on taking photos of myself (hence the day-old hair and lack of makeup).  But I stumbled upon these wood pallets in our backyard (husband, did you put them there?) and thought they’d be a great background for some photos of Ricki.

Ricki had other ideas.

Such as peeing on the pallets instead of modeling for the camera.

So I gave up, let him explore and gathered proof that my poncho might be the most comfortable thing I own.  It’s like wearing pajamas.  In public.


[h&m poncho, express jeans, enzo angiolini boots]


I can throw it on over a crappy tee-shirt and no one is wiser.


Contrary to this photo, I do not have a tail.

There’s actually a belt attached.  But I kind of feel like Robin Hood when I tie it.  So I leave it loosely knotted in the back.

So it looks like I have a tail.

And I look like a burlap sack.

But a comfortable burlap sack.


  1. I love it, Nicole! Your boots and poncho are so cute..I need to find one of those for myself to go with my fall boots! 🙂

  2. Cute, comfy and those boots look fantastic!
    I am a reader of Bridget’s blog and wanted to check yours out. I have 2 blogs, one private and this one is my ode to Sex and the City!

  3. That’s a really cute outfit =) I love the sweater and your boots as well! =) Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I just bought a poncho this weekend at H & M. I’m rethinking it now that I don’t look nearly as cute in mine. Super cute and comfy!

  5. I want one… right now! I love the relaxed look, but still stylish! Where did you buy it?


  6. oh my goodness, Il love your blog! and I love that you wear this over old t-shirts. MY KIND OF GIRL. I pretty much do that every single day! and usually I don’t brush my hair either. We may be related. 🙂

    thanks for visiting my blog, following you now!


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