black and white

No this isn’t a nod to that majorly big trial that just went on.
Though I probably could get my thriller on in this getup.

I just wasn’t feeling colorful the other day.  The sky was grey.  The air was still.
Obviously the plants behind me have given up and accepted that winter is coming.

I just felt drab.

I dress how I feel.

 [jumper/dress from h&m, black cardigan from target, leggings from urban outfitters, boots from charlotte russe]


Some days it’s not all that exciting.

  1. Hi there! I just found your blog today and wanted to drop you a note telling you how much I like it. I’ve subscribed on my google reader. 🙂 I look forward to reading more!

  2. you look adorable.. i wear kind of a lot of black going into winter, think. it’s just how i feel. but in a good way! love black.

  3. What an adorable outfit. I found your blog through Lindsey’s WIWW, and I’m so glad I did. I can’t wait to come back and look around when I have more time. Nice to “meet” you. (I think I’m your newest follower).

  4. Love your outfit! I am stopping by from the Pleated Poppy!

    p.s. I live about a half hour east of Cleveland. Holler from a fellow north-eastern Ohioan!

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