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I’m super excited for Valentine’s Day this year.

Mainly because we’re going to my favorite restaurant.

And there are big plans afoot.

I like to surprise my hubby.  Even if it’s just with something as simple as hot dogs for breakfast.

We never really put all that much emphasis on Valentine’s Day.  Because we try to celebrate love every day.  With the little things.  Like the fact that Adam did the dishes last night.
My heart did a little pitter-patter at that.

But what better day than to go a bit over the top to show someone you care?
I already sent out my diy bunting valentines…but I’m still brainstorming some gift ideas for my mama and close friends.

Here are some of my favorite finds to make your Valentine’s Day as special as the person you share it with.

i love you card – letterpress venn diagram card – lionheart card – scooter and hearts


heart shapes pancakes – ginger coffee cookies – chocolate raspberry hearts – brownie heart cupcakes



heart shaped soap – heart shaped tea bags – valentine’s day coffee cup warmers – you make life sweet cookie cups


  1. Those lil’ heart-shaped soaps are adorable! Might have to snag a few of those 😉

    I love what you said about loving that your hubs did the dishes. I love to come home and see that my husband has taken the trash out or done dishes. It’s the small things!

  2. oh my goodness. those chocolate raspberry hearts look amazing. too bad if tried to make them they would look nothing like that. i think ill stick with chocolate covered strawbs this year 🙂 so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours. cheers!

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